Stop doing and Start living.

In the Purpose Den, we encourage our members to be their best selves and give them the space to realize that we are stronger when we come together.

We are a Community of Like-Minded Women!

The PURPOSE DEN is YOUR place to show you how to THRIVE!

I invite you to watch the video and see what is being offered!


This Community Provides:

A Place Of Empowerment & Pause

This is where you are ready to breathe and be surrounded by like-minded women. It is a place where you can feel empowered to make bold moves, experience extreme joy, and benefit from meaningful life outcomes due to your powerful and purposeful mind shift. The Purpose Den is your place to PAUSE and participate in the areas where you need support or inspire you the most.

Self Discovery & Awareness

You are ready to PAUSE but willing to understand and dig deep into your inner workings of what makes you tick. You can work on discovering the one thing that might be holding you back and how you can move ahead. When you work in the DISCOVER Pillar, you will be doing individual self-discovery work with a coach and developing the next step while being part of the Purpose Den.

Design and Propel Your New Life

You are ready to jump in with both feet. You want to learn to PAUSE and meet other amazing women like yourself. You are eager to DISCOVER what lies beyond the surface of who you appear to be and want to bring it all together to DESIGN and PROPEL a life you truly will love. Own your season and thrive in it, creating a purposeful forward motion.

Jen is one of our "engagers" inside the Den. She has discovered ways to live a life of purpose without sacrificing her responsibilities of being a wife, mom, sister, employee, and friend.

"Today, I am simply grateful that I woke up this morning, so I am celebrating the joy of life." -Jen

A monthly membership of $49 Includes:

Celebrate, Plan & Thrive

Weekly virtual group sessions to help identify what you want to focus on.

Group Coaching & Discussions

Monthly live group coaching and Quarterly sessions to create your Roadmap to Thriving

1:1 Coaching

Quarterly personal sessions are available to dig deeper into your transformation.

Tools & Resources

Hosted on a user friendly membership platform off social media.

Daily inspirations and Open Discussion spaces

June is an engager who is one of our Founding Sisters.

"I love being part of the Purpose Den. It's a place full of positivity, sharing, and guidance, with many tips and tools to help me stay focused and on track to reach my goals. So often, when I check in, I find exactly what I need to feel good about what I'm doing and where I'm headed. Thank you, Pam, for creating such an amazing place to be!" ~ June Schilling

I am confident you will love it; I offer a 100% money-back guarantee.

If you get in there, use the resources, and join the weekly meetings for one month and don’t think you got at least double the value of what you paid, I will give you your money back. No questions asked.

[Are you worth investing in yourself? What are you currently spending $49 a month on? ]